Year in Review
Don and Lois Colton Family Newsletter 
Christmas 1998 Edition

Last year saw big changes in the family. If you don't know what happened to us in 1997 you may want to read that "Year in Review" also. In January Lois thought her life would slow down. She was so exhausted from the wedding that she relaxed a bit, but on February 4th her father passed away. So that day she flew to Seattle and spent the month in Washington with her mother. During the month of March, her mother came to Laie to rest and enjoy Hawaii. We all had a great time with Grandma Clayton's visit. In April, we tried to catch up on some things and then Grandma and Grandpa Colton came to visit. They watched the children while Don and Lois went on a vacation to Alaska. After the Alaskan visit, we were all able to visit with each other. Grandma Jean got involved with costuming for Kahuku High's "West Side Story" and Grandpa Larry went on 55 sessions at the temple during the month that they were here. At the end of May, Jean and Larry went home to prepare for going on a mission and Oreo, the kitten, came to live with us. She is all black and kind of fiesty. We found her stuck in a bush and tried to find the owners. We did find the owners the next day and they were more than willing to let us adopt her. During the month of July we had "Ward Campout" which is a week-long camping experience at the beach. The whole ward moves shelters, tents, chairs, generators, lights, TV's, cooking equipment, and even a kitchen sink down by the beach. We had never seen anything like it. It was wonderful. Each night there were activities in which the families could participate. Don slept at home half the time and the beach half the time since he was still teaching during the daytime. Lois watched Isaac and read all eight of The Work and the Glory books. She is looking forward to reading the ninth book which should have come out in October. At the end of July, Ben moved to Utah, and we were left with only three children at home. This was a big change from six children only 13 months before. With August's arrival, all five of us went back to school. Lois went to finish her degree and Don to teach. As the fall progressed, Daniel got involved in Kahuku's performance of Romeo and Juliet. Thanksgiving was our first one in Hawaii, and Christmastime is always special. Hope you had a great year too. 

The Colton's.