Alaska Vacation 2001 pictures
Dave & Kristine Family

Isaac, Josiah, and Kristine with the coconut.

Sarah and Kristine with coconut.

Getting the meat out of the coconut.
Sarah, Ruch, Dave.

In front of a cache. Doris, Anna, Isaac, Dave
Lois (In front as dog).

In front of the Iditarod Headquarters,
Wasilla, AK. Doris, Isaac, Anna,
and Dave.

Isaac, Anna, and Uncle Dave with
dog sled.

Lois, Isaac with Pal, Doris, Dave, Anna
at the Iditarod Headquarters.

Sarah, Leah, Anna

Esther, Sarah, Isaac with Pal, Ruth
in front of a big bear.

Sarah, Isaac with Pal, Doris, Kristine, Ruth, Esther