What stores are in Laie?

In the little strip of stores we have:
Foodland - average size grocery store (It's a Hawaiian grocery store chain)
Hair Store
Bank (another one inside Foodland) The one inside Foodland is little. The other one is big enough, but not like Mainland banks that are on their own block.
Flower & Gift shop (small but great)
Laie Chop Suey
Dominoes Pizza
Ace Hardware
Medical Doctor (we also have a health center at BYUH, and a hospital in the next town 3-4 miles away) Kahuku (town) is where the Middle and High School is also.
Ice cream shop
Eye Doctor and Glasses place
2 skinny old style Theater (okay if you don't care for the best sound and too tired to go to the better Theaters that are 45 minutes away in any direction.)
Napa Car Parts
Post Office
Car Repair Shop
L & L Drive in/local chain of food that has hamburgers and Chinese food.
Once a week we get the mobile Satelite City Hall.

Within a few blocks of the shopping center:
We also have a Chevron Gas Station and McDonald's in front of the PCC.
Laie Inn by the PCC. (Polynesian Cultural Center)
Another Cafe in town
Cafeteria at the Temple for those with recommends.
RS Distribution Center
Family History Center
Visitor's Center at the Temple (great to watch the LDS movies)

On Campus
A small bookstore (school supplies and LDS books) some clothing, figurines, art, etc.
Hair Place
Post office
Snack shop
Seasider (great for a lunch or ice cream cone)
School Cafeteria (all you can eat for one price) Lunch is $5.50 last I was over there. Great for visiting teenagers. :-)
Bowling alley and game room
Library (the other library around is with the Kahuku High School ) Between the two, the bookstore, and the shops in town you can usually find something to read. :-)
Weight room for those over 18.
Tennis courts and other courts

lots of little shops and food courts.
You can get an annual pass to the PCC for about $30.00 a person (non-transferable.) The pass lets you into the villages, IMAX, and night show anytime you want for free. It doesn't include the food or buffets. You can go to one buffet at PCC for about $15.00 a person.  I wanted you to get a feel of what we have and didn't have in our small town. We have enough to survive with. :-)