Finding housing is the hardest thing in Laie.
For the past several years we've had more students admitted than we have housing for.
If you came to this site through BYUH Housing
then you already know what is and isn't available there. If not, then here's the web address:

Freshmen typically live on-campus, but due to overbooking those that come in the Spring Term and Summer Term are often asked to live off campus. You can imagine how sad these students feel. :-) However, moms are often hesitant to have their children live off campus. Laie has a population of about 6,000 people so we are a very small community. BYUH has  a population of about 2,400 students. Some of these are in both categories, so it's a little hard to tell how many people are here. But it's not many.

Of course, the closer to campus the easier it is to get there. All streets in Laie are within walking distance. Your child might want an umbrella though. Sudden downpours often occur. Here is another link to an interactive aerial map of town.
Here is a flat map of Laie

As far as Off-Campus housing that's not listed currently through BYUH there are some ideas.

Faculty who live in Campus-Owned Housing have currently been given permission to house students. (Normally they do not but due to overbooking they have been allowed.)  Some parents like this idea. They are hard to find, but sometimes possible.

Sometimes they have listings in our little shopping area that have houses for rent. If you have enough people or are rich you can rent a whole house yourself and sublet. This can be great and can be a total pain for the person stuck with the monthly rent.
The law here is no more than FIVE unrelated people living in a house. This is enforced (sort of) by BYUH and isn't worth exceeding. The rules for roomers living with a family is a maximum of three roomers.

We often have houses listed for sale along the beach. Some of these wanted to rent to LOTS of students and found that by only being able to have five they can not meet their mortgages. In the meantime they might be willing to rent the house at a more reasonable level. Some of them rent to tourists. Some of them will rent to just about anyone who pays.

The typical rent for students is anywhere from about $225 per month to $350 per month. If you have a room by yourself then you would expect to pay the higher end, and in some cases exceed the $350 per month estimate. We currently rent 1/2 room for $260.00 per month and that includes all utilities. Some of the other places include all utilities and some do not. Telephone being the most common utility not paid for by the landlord Be sure to ask. Asking one of my renters (non-scientific) about the accessability to a washing machine, he said that about 60 to 70 percent of the rental units have access to a washing machine.
I think that number is less, but am not willing at this time to compile the numbers. So ask.

If your "child" is 25 and over they do not need to live in "approved" housing. Remember that sometimes the "approved" housing looks better, is in better repair, legal, etc. This is something to consider.

I'm not sure this helps, but hopefully you'll find a place to live.
Questions? Just ask.