Mom Starts Out at Ann Pearl Nursing Home and goes to Kahuku Medical Center
Here are a list of movies taken on 29 January 2010

Ann Pearl Nursing Home:
7019 - Invite Vesta to go with us.
7020 - Too late to go any place, 8:45am
7022 - Waffles and Jam for breakfast, blanket reminds her of Girl Scouts, Haven't had a chance to talk to Eileen .
7025 - Williams would not cut trees down. I should get out of here and go and do something.
7026 - Should we change your shirt? Fire Alarm
7030 - Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dennis and David
7032 - They put her in the seat from the wheelchair, then decided to put her back in the wheelchair.

Kahuku Medical Center:
7033 - Unloading Doris from the van.
7034 - Entering Hospital
7035 - Going to new room
7040 - Mom's new room.
7041 - Hallway outside her room.
7042 - Getting her vitals taken.
7043 - Blood Pressure
7044 - Eating snack sandwich at Kahuku.
7045 - Ki, the Service Dog
7046 - Eating Sandwich
7047 - Follow Ki into the Activity room
7048 - Labeled mom's clothes

After this she ate Dinner, did other things, then went to bed.