Hobbies 2003

My computer must be my biggest hobby since that's what I mostly do.

What I really like to do though is read books. Right now I'm reading
The Trust William Trilogy for the umpteenth time. It is by Robert Farrell Smith.
I've decided that if I ever have to spend some time in a shelter
I should have these books with me.

I just discovered that his first book
Baptists at our Barbeque is being made into a movie.

Here are some other books he's written.


I need to sew a prom dress in the next couple of days, but the last two days I was working
on sealing mylar bags of rice and other staples. Now I have silver pillows stacked up
in the livingroom.

Yard and Garden
I should be doing yardwork since it's a big weedpatch.
I should be doing some other sewing.

I've been creating Ulu recipies (breadfruit)
That's a lot of fun.
Here they are.