Where to eat on campus?
For a list of off-campus Laie places go here.


GCB - get something to drink, and a microwave is also
available. The other end of the building has snack vending 
machines, also.
THE Cafeteria is a great place if you're hungry. 
It has "all-you-can-eat" style and price.

Here are more pictures of the cafeteria.

In between the Cafeteria (on right) and the Seasider (on left) 
is an area with lots of benches for sitting and enjoying your

Ala Carte style snacks, meals, and plate lunches. The stir-fry is
really good. They also have a salad bar, potato bar, and other
"price by weight" selections.

The Plantation Store has food and snacks to grab and run.

Here's a great place to eat outside, but out of the sudden
rain. Meet a friend here.

Outside the Library you can eat at the table provided. Snacks
are available or bring your own.