The Divine Secrets of the Ma-Ma Sisterhood
(What every mother wants to know about having her kids live in Laie)

I'm making this page in response to all the mothers that I've talked to that have questions about their children living in Laie.
It is a work in progress, which means if you have a question then other mothers probably do too. So email me the question and I'll see if I can find the answer.  Enjoy.
These are not BYUH pages, even if you end up in their frames.
There are also LOTS of links that take you to other sites.
I put them there for further information. They are not mine.

Here is a list of subjects that I'm working on:

Finding Housing #1!!!! Question!!!
What does my student's "house" look like?

BYUH Walking Tour
What does Laie look like?
The Beach

Map of Laie
Interactive Aerial Map of Laie
Clickable Map with Pictures of Laie(part finished)
Map of BYUH Campus
Interactive Map of getting from the airport to BYUH

Student Life
Churches in and around Laie
Various Modes of Transportation
Does my child need a mercedes?
Does my child need a computer?
Where to Study
Where to Eat or get a snack
Finding a job/Sources of Income
The Bus
Getting Home from the airport
What to wear?

Facilities of Laie & Kahuku
What stores are in Laie?
Medical Facilities

Laie Activities
Laie Life (or stuck in Laie)
Campus Sports
What's Happening?
Movie Theaters

Insects and Critters
Long Distance Calls and Cell Phones

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